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  1. Thank you for providing the meditation gatherings!
    Me Juliet and my husband Russell have both been meditating for years, we lived in Maui for 21 years, would like to visit Honolulu in September to meet you & join meditation events.
    Please advise us your September events, where is the closest place to lodge.
    With Appreciation,
    Deep Bow,
    Juliet & Russell


    1. Hi Juliet and Russell- so wonderful to hear from you two! You are asking a very good question. The community I try to write for and organize is pretty much the so-called mindfulness or Buddhist Insight meditation community here on O’ahu. It’s kind of small. Our special events like the ones on this calendar mostly happen in the summer. At the moment I don’t know of anything happening in September; but if/ when I do I will for sure put them on this calendar here. Anyway, to hear about what’s going on in our community I would highly suggest signing up to our newsletter here–>> https://www.alohasangha.com/signup/

      Thanks again for getting in touch.