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  1. It was such a incredible surprise for me and my wife to hear from you again! Aloha nui loa!

  2. It is so great to hear your voice again. I am touched that you share your personal challenges along with the beautiful artwork, poems and sayings etc.. I’ve had just as many challenges too and hearing you again is such a comfort. I’m happy with whatever you decide to do Tom. Love and Aloha, Deb

    1. Thanks Deb for all your support these past few years. It’s meant a lot to me. Hope to actually see you soon…

  3. sigh…there is nothing more to say about the state of life here at this time without being redundant. You have said it all so eloquently.

    I loved hearing from you, and knowing that we are all connected once again! Such a bright light! There is much to absorb in these words, which will last until next time.

    Thank you