thank you, nonetheless

Buddhism offers us a path to decolonize our own minds, thankfully. It not only teaches inclusion, it points out … Read more

diving into the maelstrom

breath awarenss can steady you in any storm

The next tine you dive into another maelstrom… strap yourself with the rope of mindfulness onto the buoyant barrel … Read more

a moment of well being

Despite all that is wrong, I can still take delight in a moment of well-being.   News stories are … Read more

now more than ever

The suffering in the world is overwhelming. But the whole mess looks differently when we have a rested, settled … Read more

the pure delight of samadhi

Our simple path of mindful awareness has the potential to reveal wonderful secrets hidden in the depth of our … Read more

it’s just nature, my dear

In April of this year Doug McGill interviewed the Burmese meditation teacher Sayadaw U Tejaniya concerning how a meditator … Read more

mindful dishwashing

Mindful dishwashing

When I do catch the mind moment, in mindful dishwashing, the most ordinary things take on inexpressible beauty.   … Read more

not knowing

Anything can happen. Yes, on the surface, that can feel ominous, especially in these times. But it is precisely … Read more

lotus blooms in fire

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let’s live like nomads


I love Buddhist humor. I especially love the way many Buddhist meditation masters find humorous ways to show us … Read more

simple, clear and delicious

Our simple practice of sustaining mindful attention on the most ordinary happenings in our everyday life, can bring this … Read more