a slow, simple life

a slow, simple life: Still Life with Lemons, Oranges, and a Pomegranate, 1640, Jacob van Hulsdonck

Perhaps we need to chill a little, and settle into the slow simple life that’s already here. And embrace this moment, without trying to improve or tweak anything. …

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eating the blame

eating the blame: how to take responsibility mindfully and with grace

If we know how to experience our discomfort gracefully, we suffer much less. We’re no longer afraid of eating the blame when this is called for. One of …

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attachment in Buddhism

The issue of attachment in Buddhism our practice is about being aware of them and appreciating them for what they are.

The problem of attachment in Buddhism is not about having or not having an attachment, but it’s our tendency to not be aware an attachment ensnared us. Did …

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openness to experience

Senecio (Baldgreis) (1922) by Paul Klee-evocative of an openness to experience.

Meditation turns special moments on their head. It turns out we don’t need special moments to savor the openness to experience. Are you familiar with the Calvin and …

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on having no goals

On Having no goals/ Arthur Dove's Pond in Sunlight (1935) famous painting. Original from the MET Museum.

As you set out on your meditation journey, don’t set yourself up for failure and avoid aggressive self-improvement. There isn’t anything to improve. And really, the present moment …

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appreciate your life

appreciate your life with simple mindfuness

We savor our life now just as it is, messy, littered with abandoned to-do lists and unfulfilled expectations. We appreciate our life now, we’re not just managing it. …

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let go of expectations

  As we let go of expectations in our mindfulness practice, it generalizes in our life-we are more present and responsive, and less reactive.   Some folks come …

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