Why meditate

I think that from time to time we need to remind ourselves why we meditate.It’s so easy to forget. It seems everything and nearly everyone conspires in this forgetting. That …

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become a wizard of ahs

What happens when we sit down to meditate? We begin to see the movements of mind. Many of the movements are away from the perceived objects of our experience. Let’s …

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dropping into the depths

As we get into our yoga and meditation practice, we naturally start dropping into deeper and deeper places within.  We see how this dropping down requires some initial effort. We …

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it’s not easy letting go

So many times we are advised to just let go. The whole meditation and spiritual endeavor seems to boil down to these three words–just let go. While undoubtedly well-intentioned, these …

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Mindfulness of thoughts

mindfulness of thoughts is an important miletone in our practice

Mindfulness gives us the skill of seeing our natural thought-mushrooming tendencies, and to gently wake up to the present moment of simply being with what is unfolding freshly, free of proliferation, fear, dread or unbalanced excitement and agitation.