Due to urgent personal matters, the weekly Zoom sessions and the weekly newsletters on are a hiatus until May 1, 2021. Thanks for your understanding.


We meet online via Zoom Thursdays from 6 to 7:30 PM Hawaii time, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The link is highlighted in the first blue box below.

There is no membership or registration, nothing to sign up for. Just show up.

We are a friendly bunch, and newcomers are always welcome. No previous meditation experience is needed or expected.

I teach in a secular manner, drawing on insights from ecology, poetry as well from the early Buddhist tradition in which I trained as a monk in the 1980’s in Sri Lanka.

Here is the link to our our Zoom meetings Thursdays at 6 PM Hawaii time:

click –>>here to join us <<– online for meditation


A little about our weekly get-togethers

Our meetings begin with a short check-in and introductions if you are new and wish to say hello.

It’s OK have your video off. It’s off unless you choose to turn it on.

By 6:10 we start our first of three guided meditation sessions—each lasting from 12 to 15 minutes.

There is a brief break between each guided session if you have questions or want to share anything.

Most weeks we will also include a brief mindful stretching session of 5 minutes.

Each week will introduce a theme for our discussion time of about 10 minutes at the end of the evening.

Each week we explore variations of the popular mindfulness meditation techniques (e.g., the breath, body sensations, thoughts, emotions, sounds, etc.)


Here are the equivalent times if you do not live in Hawaii:

9PM Thursday on the West Coast of the USA

5 AM Friday in the UK

6 AM Friday in European Central Time (e.g., Germany, the Netherlands, France)

7:00 AM Friday in Athens, Nairobi, Palestinian Territories / Jerusalem

8:30 AM Friday in Tehran

9 AM Friday in Islamabad

9:30 AM Friday in Mumbai

10:00 AM Friday in Dhaka

12:00 Noon Friday in Beijing

1:00 PM Friday in Tokyo

2:00 PM Friday in Sydney

4:00 PM Friday in Aukland

Note: while the meetings are held in English, I speak Spanish fluently, and understand Portuguese pretty well, and Katina is fluent in German, so if you have any question about meditation and need clarification in any of these languages just stay to the end and we’ll chat.

Take this time to explore and grow your home practice.

May our sense of inter-connectedness and support remain strong!


When it is safe to resume in-person group meetings

We meet weekly Thursdays from 6 to 7:30 PM, since 1998, and all are welcome.

Please see the recently updated directions below.

A typical evening unfolds like this: 15 minutes of guided, seated meditation followed by 10 minute of gentle, mindful standing/ moving meditation, followed by a final seated meditation period of about 25 minutes. The evening ends with a short talk and discussion, wrapping up with time for Q and A, hanging out and chatting.

These evenings are perfect for beginners–or for that friend you always wanted to introduce to meditation!


directions–for when it’s safe to meet together

The address is 2439-A Holomua Place, in Palolo Valley. Ideally, arrive 10 minutes or so early and park on 10th Avenue and walk the four or so minutes or so to the house. This would be a great opportunity to prepare for sitting meditation at our place by practicing mindful walking meditation!

If possible, try not to park on Makanui Place or Holomua Place, as there is little parking there for our neighbors who arrive home from work about the time when we meet.

From there, walk to the dead-end at Holomua Place, then walk down the small driveway on the right lined with palm trees, and go towards the left to the second house.

Our cell # is 808.393.6342.

We hope to see you!

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