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  1. Thank you for sending this newsletter. Jack Kornfield’s talk contained much wisdom and brought up many important questionstions related to spiritual practices and social action.

    I would also like to strongly endorse the idea of making the Thursday evening sessions available on Zoom. Due to age and related medical issues, I am unbable to attend the meditation sessions in person but would very much like to the chance to become part of this community.

    Thank you,

    Richsrd Wark
    Atman is Brahman

    1. Hi Richard. Just seeing your comment, thanks, and yes, I am trying to work out some scheduling issues before committing to weekly Zoom sessions, which would be at some other time slot, as running a Zoom session while at the same hosting a live meditation evening at our home is not easy to pull off as a one person operation. I will keep you posted (it might have to wait until I retire in March, 2024, though). Much appreciate your thoughts, Richard, many thanks.

      1. Do keep us posted on the zoom sessions. I attended a meditation in late November/early December and it was transformational. I hope to continue attending even if not in person.

        1. Hi Cassandre,
          Sorry, just seeing this comment (gotta fix this notification thing…)
          Yes, most definitely I am getting organized for Zoom and will notify everyone via the email newsletter. Thanks for asking, Cassandre, and for your kind words. Wishing you well, t.

  2. I have enjoyed your online zoom meditation in the past
    I cannot be there physically. Are your zoom mtgs still accessible in the evening?

    1. Hi Marie. I am so sorry I am just now seeing this… and, no, we never did re-start the Zoom seesions, but you just gave me an idea to think about. I will let folks know via the newsletter if this happens. Thanks, Marie.

  3. Hi Tom- Thanks for telling me about your meditation sessions today after yoga class! It was nice to meet your wife and I hope to make it to a session soon!