Free Meditation In Honolulu

Honolulu Group


We have been meeting since 1998 for meditation and discussion in Honolulu, Hawai’i, weekly, on Thursdays, from 6 to 7:30 PM.

Our sessions begin with gentle stretching 10 minutes followed by quiet sitting (guided) meditation for about 25 minutes, followed by a short talk and time for Q and A. These sessions are suitable for beginners as well as for experienced meditators.

I teach in a completely secular manner, but draw from time to time from the classical Buddhist tradition, in which I was trained as a monk in Sri Lanka in the early 1980s. If you have a meditation cushion or a yoga mat, it would be wonderful if you could bring it. We also have some chairs available.

Our address is 2439 A Holomua Place in Palolo Valley. Please park on 10th Avenue or Makanui Place;  from there, walk to the dead-end at Holomua, then walk down the small driveway on the right lined with palm trees and go towards the left to the second house. My cell is (808) 393-6342.

If you cannot attend one of our free, weekly classes in Palolo no problem. Here are some simple instructions to get you started.

Here’s a simple mindfulness meditation instruction for when you can set aside a period of quiet time:

Sit comfortably in a place that you are not likely to be disturbed.

Set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes if you are just getting started.

Choose a physical sensation upon which to focus your awareness. Many choose to focus on the movement of breathing as your stomach rises and falls; your chest moves up and down; or the breath moves in and out of your nostrils.

Relax and move your attention away from what you’re thinking to the sensation of breathing. The aim is not to change the way you breathe but to notice what your breathing feels like. Notice what happens in your mind and body when you move your attention to the sensation of your breathing and nothing else.

Most likely you will soon notice that you’re thinking of something else. When that happens, don’t try to get rid of your thoughts or get mad at yourself for thinking while you’re meditating.

Thoughts come and go and when they come simply notice them and move your attention back to the sensation of breathing.

Getting distracted is a natural part of meditation, especially at the beginning. Your mind will wander, guaranteed. Sometimes a thought or memory will come up and you’ll naturally think about it, and then that will lead you to another thought or memory, and that will lead you to another one, and so on.

This is not a problem.

You just simply and gently your attention to your breath. The practice of returning your attention to your breath from a thought is really the essential skill of meditation!

You are working on returning to the present moment, on being aware in a non-judgmental way of what is happenings right here and right now.

Congratulations, you just had a mindful moment!

Try not to judge yourself as a success or failure at mindfulness. In mindfulness practice there simply no such thing as success or failure, and you just can’t do this wrong.

Taking Mindfulness into Your Daily Life

This practice really starts to take off ripen when you find yourself spontaneously practicing mindfulness as you go about your daily life, not in any forced way, for instance:

While waiting for a red light to turn green;

While waiting in line at the bank, or in a grocery store

While washing dishes (my personal favorite!)

While on the computer, emailing, or texting on your phone; or,

While waiting ‘on hold’ during a phone call.

You will better be able to have your mindfulness practice help you better manage life’s ups and downs by making an effort to keep learning off the cushion as well as on the cushion.

Take some time during the workday to get in touch with your sensory experience. Once a day do something with the attention to be fully there for it — whether it’s opening a door, putting on your socks, or savoring a delicious bowl of noodles.

I have a pretty good feeling you will be pleasantly surprised by the gradual impact of this simple practice.

Some folks find it helpful to keep a simple journal to write about their experiences, but you can try that only if it is something you think you might like to do.

It is in no way essential that you do this.

Come to the weekly group for inspiration.

And you can always contact me through this contact form on this blog if you get stuck or want some help.

Stay motivated to meditate!

We all need a little help now and then to stay focused and keep moving forward

on this most amazing journey! 

Join our online mindfulness village!

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Hello, I will be in Manoa Valley until 5/23. Are you still holding your Thursday evening meditation gatherings?

Kevin R Kuroda

Hi Tom, I was a first timer and appreciated hearing Bhante Buddharakkhita on 2/22. May I join your Thursday evenings? Thank you Kevin K.

Ryan C

Going to try and make my first meditation class tonight if I can get off work early enough. Thank you!!!!!!


Hi Tom,

My name is Cheryl.
I plan to be in Manoa area on Thursday and would love to join your group meditation class, if it’s possible. Thank you!


Aloha, happy to have come across your page. I hope to make it out at lease one of the nights. Love how open and intentional the message you put out there. Thank you

Hi there,

Are these meditation sessions still available? I’ll be visiting Hawaii over Christmas break, in December 2017 and would be grateful to be a part of a mindful meditation session if possible. Thank you. Regards – Anu

Amit Jain

Hello Tom
It was lovely attending the Thursday meditation session. Appreciate your efforts!!
See you on 13th


Hi there I was just wondering if you guys still meet up? I’m kind of nervous to go to a new group and I’m pretty new to meditation but I think I’d like to give it a try


Hi my name’s Yoann I’m 31 years old and I’m a student in Hawaii. I speak only a little English…
I would like if it’s a problem for the meditation?
Thank you

Mourng Kagna

Dear Tom, My name is Kagna, from Cambodia. I am going to study in University of Hawaii (UH) in August this year. I am really interested to meditate with you guys if possible. In Cambodia, I also practice Buddhist meditation. May I know that is it free of charge to attend meditation class? Please let me know if I can.


I just notice this and was wondering if you still have this going on as the last comment was last year.


I am a 50 year old retired Naval pilot and recently went through a brutal cancer treatment. I am reading meditation books to help releive stress cause by cancer treatment side effects. Do think your meetings would help my piece-of-mind?


Tom – Are these sessions are still taking place? It seems like a great way for a curious, 51 year old like me to learn about meditation other than from reading books.




Hi Tom- Thanks for telling me about your meditation sessions today after yoga class! It was nice to meet your wife and I hope to make it to a session soon!

Eric Schrager

Hi Tom,

I would like to come and attend the teaching this evening (29 August). I saw it on Facebook, looks very interesting! My number is 808-772-3740

Greetings, I heard about your meditation meeting at 12 coconuts this am. I am excited to join you on Thursday. with Metta, Lena.

Hi Janel,

We’d love o have you join us!

We meet tomorrow night, Wednesday, Feb. 19 at 6 PM Just Google our address to find us. Or you can call me if you get lost — 808.393.6342.



Janel Bridgmon

Hello! I came across your website online, and would like to come and meditate with you guys if possible. Thank you!