Our meetings, both on Zoom as well as in-person, continue to be on hiatus. Please sign up for the newsletter to stay informed of any changes.


When these meetings resume:


We started meeting weekly back in 1998. When we resume we will continue meeting weekly Thursdays from 6 to 7:30 PM.

We begin with a short check-in and introductions if you are new and wish to say hello. It’s OK have your video off if we are on Zoom. 

By 6:10 we start our first of two guided meditation sessions—each lasting from 20 to 25 minutes.

There is a brief break between each guided session if you have questions or want to share anything.

Most weeks we will also include a brief mindful stretching session of 5 minutes. Each week will introduce a theme for our discussion time of about 10 minutes at the end of the evening.

Each week we explore variations of the popular mindfulness meditation techniques (e.g., the breath, body sensations, thoughts, emotions, sounds, etc.)

These evenings are perfect for beginners–or for that friend you always wanted to introduce to meditation!

directions–for when it’s safe to meet together again

The address is 2439-A Holomua Place, in Palolo Valley. Ideally, arrive 10 minutes or so early and park on 10th Avenue and walk the four or so minutes or so to the house. This would be a great opportunity to prepare for sitting meditation at our place by practicing mindful walking meditation!

If possible, try not to park on Makanui Place or Holomua Place, as there is little parking there for our neighbors who arrive home from work about the time when we meet.

From there, walk to the dead-end at Holomua Place, then walk down the small driveway on the right lined with palm trees, and go towards the left to the second house.

Our cell # is 808.393.6342.

We hope to see you!

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38 thoughts on “Meetings”

  1. Hi my name’s Yoann I’m 31 years old and I’m a student in Hawaii. I speak only a little English…
    I would like if it’s a problem for the meditation?
    Thank you

    • Hi Yoann. This shouldn’t be a big problem. The meditation is itself simple. We can all help you, no problem. Just come check out our group and see what you think. Hope to meet you soon!

  2. Dear Tom, My name is Kagna, from Cambodia. I am going to study in University of Hawaii (UH) in August this year. I am really interested to meditate with you guys if possible. In Cambodia, I also practice Buddhist meditation. May I know that is it free of charge to attend meditation class? Please let me know if I can.

    • Hi Kagna. Katina and I are very happy to have met you and I am glad you had the chance to meditate with our group while you were in Hawai’i. We wish you all the best as you pursue your dreams in your next phase on the Mainland. Aloha– tom and Katina and the meditation group

    • Hi Trisha,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Yes– we are still meeting weekly. Now in our 19th year! Our address is above. This is an informal free drop-in type group, so if you do come by some Thursday, just bring a cushion or mat (exercise or yoga mat) to sit on. Or there are some chairs available. Aloha — Tom, Katina, Uilalani and Kupaianaha Marx.

  3. I am a 50 year old retired Naval pilot and recently went through a brutal cancer treatment. I am reading meditation books to help releive stress cause by cancer treatment side effects. Do think your meetings would help my piece-of-mind?

    • Hi John,

      We are deeply grateful for your service to our country. I do hope you are doing OK now John?

      While it’s great to read books, I think it would be a good idea for you to drop by some Thursday evening and give mindfulness meditation a try. You can get a better feeling for mindfulness meditation by practicing in a group setting. Plus, our weekly classes are very beginner-friendly.

      As a RN I have seen good responses with mindfulness for folks dealing with pain issues following various kinds of procedures, as well as the psychological impact of major illness.

      I will contact you privately with some resources and maybe we can talk on the phone sometime?

      Take care. Wishing you well. T.

  4. Tom – Are these sessions are still taking place? It seems like a great way for a curious, 51 year old like me to learn about meditation other than from reading books.



    • Hi Jim,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, we are still meeting. Would love to have you join us.

      Hey, you are in the prime of your life — best time to learn meditation!

      Feel free to contact me anytime — you can al s o use the contact page on the top menu if you ever have a question or concern you would like to discuss privately.

      Take care — t.

  5. Hi Tom- Thanks for telling me about your meditation sessions today after yoga class! It was nice to meet your wife and I hope to make it to a session soon!

    • Great. Katina and I really enjoyed those two yoga classes. I hope you teach there again, or maybe if you have a schedule of where you are teaching — if you could send us one via email that would be awesome!Take care, –tom

  6. Hi Tom,

    I would like to come and attend the teaching this evening (29 August). I saw it on Facebook, looks very interesting! My number is 808-772-3740

  7. Hi Janel,

    We’d love o have you join us!

    We meet tomorrow night, Wednesday, Feb. 19 at 6 PM Just Google our address to find us. Or you can call me if you get lost — 808.393.6342.




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