Peter_Doig_-_Red_Boat_(Imaginary_Boys) 2004


Hurricane Lane may be an opportunity to mindfully experience the discomforts many face as facts of life: no dependable electric power, no clean, running water, no internet, and no cell service.   As I write this weekly email, we are preparing, here in Honolulu, for Hurricane Lane, a …

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no other moment

I nostalgically remember the first Dharma book I ever bought. It was Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind, by Suzuki Roshi. I still have that dog-eared, multi-highlight layered paperback I purchased at the City Lights bookstore in San Francisco in 1979. It’s been a dear friend to me all these …

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guns n’lotuses

The prominent Buddhist teacher, author, and activist, Joan Halifax, on the day of this shooting tweeted “I want to live in a country that loves its children more than its guns.”   I would like to wish everyone a thoughtful International Woman’s Day (today, March 8, 2018). Here …

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t’s been raining a lot here in Honolulu since we spoke last week. There is something unspeakably beautiful about listening to the rain. Not just hearing the rain, in the background of our important lives, but actually listening to it. As Thomas Merton explains: What a thing it …

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Last week we talked about how our meditation practice allows us to discover that whatever you may be feeling or experiencing does not define you. Bad news happens, as it will from time to time, but it doesn’t diminish your new found sense of well-being, the well of …

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be happy

Mindfulness meditation is not just another way to fix what we feel might be broken in our lives.   Maybe you struggle with low moods, motivation, or existential malaise. Maybe you feel lonely, or bored. Maybe you sometimes feel like Peggy Lee when she sang “Is that all there …

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woman_pounding_maize, Diego Rivera, Mexico, 1924

the little things

There is a Tibetan saying popular in mindfulness circles: “If you take care of the minutes, the years will take care of themselves.”   When I remember this saying, my heart releases what it’s fixated on, and it’s almost always fixated or worrying about something. Sylvia Boorstein once …

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