Girl in the Kitchen by Anna Ancer
No matter how nice our home is, it is still “of the of world,” as my Buddhist teachers in Asia would say. We are settling in to a new house. As I get older, moving feels more
We bring a gentle, loving awareness to this body. We treat it softly, and with respect. It knows; our body feels respected. One little peek at my phone yesterday and bam, my screen screamed out: “Trump
kathe kollwitz
The contemplative life benefits from periodic self-reflection We meditate for many different reasons. Often, our original motivations morph as we move forward on this path. It’s juicy to reflect why we keep this up; and to be
I am often asked why I meditate. Sometimes it’s phrased – What are you trying to accomplish by just sitting on a cushion? “Since my house burned downI now have a better viewof the rising moon”
Paul Klee - Heroic Roses
We each find our own way in these challenging times. It helps to take good care of ourselves. Breathe. Meditate. Exercise. And connect with others.   Well, that was one hell of a week, last week!
Peter_Doig_-_Red_Boat_(Imaginary_Boys) 2004
Hurricane Lane may be an opportunity to mindfully experience the discomforts many face as facts of life: no dependable electric power, no clean, running water, no internet, and no cell service. As I write this weekly
I nostalgically remember the first Dharma book I ever bought. It was Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind, by Suzuki Roshi. I still have that dog-eared, multi-highlight layered paperback I purchased at the City Lights bookstore in San
The prominent Buddhist teacher, author, and activist, Joan Halifax, on the day of this shooting tweeted “I want to live in a country that loves its children more than its guns.”   I would like to
It’s been raining a lot here in Honolulu. There is something unspeakably beautiful about listening to the rain. Not just hearing the rain, in the background of our important lives, but actually listening to it. As
We’ve discussed how our meditation practice shows us that whatever you may be feeling or experiencing does not define you. Bad news happens, as it will from time to time, but it doesn’t diminish your sense