the sweet in the bitter

One of the turning points in our spiritual practice happens quite unexpectedly, as they always do, when an uncanny feeling of wholeness creeps up on you in the most surprising contexts. All recurring feelings of remorse and failures seem somehow resolved. Nothing dramatic, really. This is a quiet …

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to sit or not to sit

This issue: to sit or not to sit?   Merely stating this issue brings up a legion of other issues, many of which go unchallenged and unrecognized in the awareness of a potential meditator. To tackle one issue inevitably begs other, lateral questions.   As an instructor, I am somewhat …

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let freedom ring

“The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.” Thomas Jefferson Buddhism, particularly Mahayana Buddhism, stresses the ideals of freedom from suffering for all beings. This ties in nicely with the writings of Thomas Jefferson. I think he must have been thinking of the corruption of governments and the need …

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