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  1. Keep your lamps trimmed and burning….
    The pages slowly turning….
    Ink to blood
    Clarity from mud…
    Thank you for tending the Lotus

    1. Mahalo my brother Dan! Always such a pleasure to hear from you. It’s been such a long and well, strange, trip! I appreciate you. Take care, t.

  2. Amazing list. Thank you Tom. May the Dhamma protect you and shower you with all kinds of blessings and happiness.

  3. Tom,
    A stunning amount of work.
    Glad yours comments point user to specifics so it doesn’t become overwhelming. That and the sectional grouping lead the user to what they might want.

    Glad you included Tr0gyam Trungpa’s book (a major one for me also) and Batchelor and the secularists for completeness.
    Thank you profusely for creating this valuable resource.

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback. Means a lot to me, my dear friend. Aloha, t.

  4. Aloha Matthew, This is an amazing list. Thank you so much for putting it together and sharing your insight. I appreciate all you do for our local community.

      1. My goodness. I just posted this about an hour ago!… many thanks Brian for your very kind words which are truly appreciated. By the way, stay tuned, in about 3 weeks will do a 10 day metta meditation challenge….will announce ahead of time here and on Facebook and to the email list. Been working on this a while now…

        1. Fantastic list and SO well organized, Tom! Thank you so much, this list will probably be used for the rest of my life!!