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Tom and Katina founded Aloha Sangha in 1998.

This website offers personal insights into the practical wisdom of early Buddhist teachings as a source of happiness for anyone no matter how busy and chaotic their lives seem.

We explore alternatives to the popular retreat-focused approaches to Buddhist practice, as a huge portion of our society simply cannot afford the expense nor the time involved in undertaking retreats.

And it presents the point of view that spiritual development is at times more thorough-going when undertaken in our lives just as they are — and for many of us that means living paycheck to paycheck, or raising kids, or taking care of our aging parents.

Our free weekly classes in Honolulu, which have been on hiatus during this pandemic, will soon be resuming. Simply sign up for the weekly newsletter using the box at the bottom of this page to be informed of the re-start date.


What’s so funny about Dad meditating?

Our Mission Statement

The world today desperately needs a path of practical wisdom. To lead more fulfilling lives, we need to find deeper meaning and ease, what the ancient Greeks called eudaimonia.

Despite having access at our fingertips to more knowledge than ever before, wisdom and well-being have gone missing in action.

This website offers personal insights into the early Buddhist teachings as a source of this eudaimonia –practical, down to earth wisdom, and a clear and simple path to lasting happiness here and now.

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