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19 thoughts on “Thank You!”

  1. I am very excited to say I have started my search and path to enlightenment and I hope that I can grow with the help of the community.


  2. I also miss attending your Wednesday gatherings that center me, but until the children’s track season finishes, I’m not able to be there physically. Please know I am present in spirit, Tom.

    Blessing to you and your amazing family.

    love, love, love,

    • Hi dear Allison. I was touched to read your words…some of them even trickled out of me as I finished up that last post..about our daily lives..Yes, we feel your spirit and are happy you are in our lives. Take care, Tom

  3. Hello dear family,
    I miss those evenings, and on my return to Oahu in March, I will see, be, in light with you and old friends again.
    Deep gratitude for all you continue to give to us, Lyra Heddy

    • Hi Lyra. I missed your Presence, which has always been very inspiring to me, but which is never really gone. I look forward to seeing you sometime. My deep appreciation for your untiring commitment to Truth in her many forms.

  4. Hi Tom! I can’t wait to continue the path here. Wherever you be, I be.

    You’re like the Dharma, the place to always keeping coming back to.

    TGAB. (Thank Gosh for Alternative Buddhism)

    Love and aloha, a fellow acronym lover,

    • Thanks so much Daria for your incerdible enthusiam, dedication to the Path, and support of what we do in Aloha Sangha over these many years. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your take on things..I always find your perspectives to be stimulating and original. Thanks so much, Daria.

  5. Dear Tom,
    I truly miss attending your Wednesday sessions, but I no longer live in Manoa and am at an age where I have difficulty driving at night.
    Perhaps when daylight extends to 7:30 pm I will be able to attend your inspiring sessions once again.

    Best of Wishes to You and the Family,

    • Hi Ruth,

      Thank you so much for participating! I have very warm memories of the time spent with you at our home.

      Wishing you all the best…


  6. Hi Tom: Nice to hear from you again after about a year absence. I am glad you have a new website. Are you still offering meditations in Honolulu?
    I have been living on Maui for six years now and am in Lahaina. We have thousands of whales here now and the energy is wonderful.
    I would like to see you again and if I come back to Honolulu I will contact you.
    I am just being in awareness nothing to do. I Am fully retired and its great. How is your family?
    Aloha, love and light
    808 276 9496

    • Hi Steve- great to hear from you. Life sounds amazing for you there on Maui. Yes, we still have our group get-togethers in Honolulu, on the first and third Wednesdays 6 to 7:30 PM. Let me know if you are ever in town and I’ll email you our address..will eventually make a page on this site about those. Sounds great, just living in awareness with nothing to do…working on that too! Take care.

  7. Tom, I wholeheartedly appreciate the commonsense, down to earth approach — a lived buddhism, a lived spirituality whatever the stripes, whether Christian, Buddhism or otherwise will always resonate with me, rather than a neck up approach. Recall in a lecture with a visiting buddhist teacher, something that struck me…to make the “dharma your best friend.” I really like that. Opens up my mind and heart. aloha my friend. Thanks for creating ripples.


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