the pure delight of samadhi

Our simple path of mindful awareness has the potential to reveal wonderful secrets hidden in the depth of our being.   Meditation has many wonders to reveal. Many insights into the nature … Read more

it’s just nature, my dear

In April of this year Doug McGill interviewed the Burmese meditation teacher Sayadaw U Tejaniya concerning how a meditator can practice mindfulness in the pandemic.   His response was to practice as … Read more

mindful dishwashing

Mindful dishwashing

When I do catch the mind moment, in mindful dishwashing, the most ordinary things take on inexpressible beauty.   A few folks have asked me if I am feeling any lingering effects … Read more

not knowing

Anything can happen. Yes, on the surface, that can feel ominous, especially in these times. But it is precisely because anything can happen that allows us to experience freedom from stress, grief, … Read more

lotus blooms in fire

OK, that post title is a bit of click-bait. But you’re here now. So let me explain how the 13th century Japanese Zen master Dogen’s phrase is the title of this post. … Read more

let’s live like nomads


I love Buddhist humor. I especially love the way many Buddhist meditation masters find humorous ways to show us how uptight we can get. Back in ancient times, before kids, my wife … Read more

simple, clear and delicious

Our simple practice of sustaining mindful attention on the most ordinary happenings in our everyday life, can bring this feeling of really being alive.   We meditate for many different reasons. Often, … Read more

I wish I could have given him the moon

Good poems, for me, are often potent teachings on how to live this precious life we are given. Over the years I have been moved to tears reading poems.  There is one … Read more

just as you are

Henri Rousseau-The Flamingoes

  You can’t push the river, the Zen masters of old would say. And wow, how I have tried—reading, studying the Dharma, going on retreats, even fasting at times.   I feel … Read more

suffering is natural

One of my teachers, Michele McDonald-Smith, once recounted that a 92 year old relative of hers, on being informed by her doctor of a terminal cancer diagnosis, became upset and implored: As … Read more

just try your best

  Meditation is not easy, I get it. There are aches and pains in the body, the mind gets restless; the breath fades in and out of awareness.   Sometimes, mostly out. … Read more