present moment happiness

soaking in waters of present moment happiness

As we soak in the healing waters of the present moment, the chasms between sacred and mundane, bearable and unbearable, dissolve.   We live in uncertain times. Putin’s …

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stillness in meditation

  With the gradual deepening of your practice, you will feel a wonderful stillness in meditation when you simply rest your awareness on the body. The meditation teacher …

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Am I dreaming?

Second Dream, by J. J. Grandville (French, Nancy 1803–1847 Vanves)

Just as our mindfulness meditation builds the capacity to unemotionally witness the unfolding imagery in our waking state, it also allows our dream-awareness to neutrally observe its own …

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it’s crooked!

There is a lot of pressure on the whole New Year’s thing this year, right? I mean, the pandemic, economic turmoil; not to mention I am behind a …

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thank you, nonetheless

Buddhism offers us a path to decolonize our own minds, thankfully. It not only teaches inclusion, it points out the shared insanity of separateness that causes so much …

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diving into the maelstrom

breath awarenss can steady you in any storm

The next tine you dive into another maelstrom… strap yourself with the rope of mindfulness onto the buoyant barrel of breath awareness. Oh, wait. I’m getting ahead of …

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now more than ever

The suffering in the world is overwhelming. But the whole mess looks differently when we have a rested, settled mind.   Everyone is frazzled.  Covid-19, politics, racial and …

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it’s just nature, my dear

  In April of last year Doug McGill interviewed the Burmese meditation teacher Sayadaw U Tejaniya concerning how a meditator can practice mindfulness in the pandemic. His response …

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