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  1. Thank you, as always, for your thoughts, Tom. I think Tara Brach recently said something like we need more activists to get on their cushions and more meditators out in the streets? I always understood that meditation was meant to help us see the world as it is, rather than shelter us from what we might already be privileged enough to hide from. I am grateful you fearlessly discuss it all. If this nation is ever to fulfill its promises, white people like you and me must find the courage to face things as they are. It seems to me meditation can help us do that. If we are willing.

    1. Thanks Rachael. One of my teachers in Thailand once told me answers which come from thinking aren’t true answers, they are just more thinking. I have never forgot this. He said treating others with genuine kindness, even when you disagree, is just one example of true understanding.

      He said contemplation which is based on stillness is more reliable, because when you are still you can see deeply and it does not come from thinking; if you think too much you only see the surface and superficial.

      He kept telling me to train your mind to be still, so that it can penetrate deeply into the nature of the moment and its repercussions. This is the most profound gift of our meditation practice I feel.

      Thanks again.

  2. As a person of color, I sincerely appreciate and am deeply touched by your words, as well as your courage to express them so eloquently with conviction and without apology.

    1. Thanks so much for this very moving comment, Phyllis. Although I am white and Caucasian, I was raised in Central American by a woman of color, an indigenous “nanny”and always felt “white guilt.” I still do. Even saying that seems unnecessary. There is so much to take in if we simply allow ourselves to be vulnerable. So much healing can happen–but we need to model our deep shared truths, our profound interconnection, and our responsibility of kindness. I am hopeful. Thanks Phyllis so much.

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