stillness in meditation

  With the gradual deepening of your practice, you will feel a wonderful stillness in meditation when you simply rest your awareness on the body. The meditation teacher Gil Fronsdal, …

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tears, just tears

"Black woman with pearls" Govert Flinck, Amsterdam 1648 - 1664/

Tears just flowed from my face when I heard Amanda Gorman, the first national youth poet laureate at only 22 years old, stride up to the microphone in front of …

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nurture your resilience

  Realize that for many our negativity bias is on steroids right now, and that’s OK. Notice the lovely things that happen in your day. Perhaps someone holds a door …

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Am I dreaming?

Second Dream, by J. J. Grandville (French, Nancy 1803–1847 Vanves)

Just as our mindfulness meditation builds the capacity to unemotionally witness the unfolding imagery in our waking state, it also allows our dream-awareness to neutrally observe its own late night …

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