eating the blame

eating the blame: how to take responsibility mindfully and with grace

If we know how to experience our discomfort gracefully, we suffer much less. We’re no longer afraid of eating the blame when this is called for. One of …

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appreciate your life

appreciate your life with simple mindfuness

We savor our life now just as it is, messy, littered with abandoned to-do lists and unfulfilled expectations. We appreciate our life now, we’re not just managing it. …

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let go of expectations

  As we let go of expectations in our mindfulness practice, it generalizes in our life-we are more present and responsive, and less reactive.   Some folks come …

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it’s crooked!

There is a lot of pressure on the whole New Year’s thing this year, right? I mean, the pandemic, economic turmoil; not to mention I am behind a …

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an ordinary new year wish

While everyone is wishing their co-workers, friends and family a fantastic new year full of creativity, self-improvement, and relationship-hacking bravado, I would settle for an ordinary new year. …

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When asked about the fruit of the spiritual life, the 13th century Japanese monk Dogen Zenji replied: “Enlightenment is intimacy with all things.” Mindfulness allows us to intimately …

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