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  1. Tom,
    Thanks for the reminder, which elicited a bit of chicken skin(ala Be Here Now; Chop Wood, Carry Water)

  2. Hi Tom: Your empty bowls post was excellent and it reminded me of a Papaji passage in his book “This”. Awareness has no name and when you try to give it a name trouble arises. Know I am nameless and formless and that I am aware of own Self. Then pure consciousness will putll you back, it is not that you will enter into it. When you enter into it, it is ego entering, but when it pulls you It has mage the choice to take you Home. The happens somehow and we can’t know why. Very rare beings are picked up by Consciousness. Once drawn in your travels are over!

    Thank you Tom for this space to share our true Self.

  3. Just washed my bowls under a high desert sky colored pink and baby blue….

  4. I thought this was completely lovely, Tom, both in the kindness of the intention and the excellence of the expression. The instruction “Wash your bowls” strikes me as very similar to these two lines from an Anglican hymn which have stuck with me for nearly 60 years:

    The trivial round, the common task
    Will furnish all we need to ask

    The rest of the hymn gets a bit too stuck in Christian doctrine for some tastes including mine.

    Have you heard from Raymond since he went off to the Middle East?

    1. Hi Vincent. No, I have not heard from Raymond. I hope he is doing well. Funny you mentioned that Anglican hymn, as a similar one went through my head while I was writing that! Although I have been laying low, just want to say your writing on your blog soars to new heights. Always a pleasure to read your posts, Vincent. Be well. Tom

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