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  1. Carla, that’s a great interpretation of that line. As far as working with the contemplations goes, I find it quite doable to incorporate them into my sitting sessions, though remembering to come back to them during the consuming course of a day I find challenging.

  2. Cool…I’m inspired. Great “reminders” and now on my desktop. I’ve been trying to get one of our local monks here near Phnom Penh to come to the orphanage where I live to share the basics of the dharma on a regular basis with our 200 plus kids here and the inspiration you have helped provide Tom may actually help me get it done!

    1. Rob, you know you are a true bodhisattva…and I am so happy to hear this. It would be awesome if a monk were to come and give Dharma instruction there for the kids. Imagine the possibilities of contributing to a generation individuals with sincere Buddhist feelings and learning. Thanks again Rob for all you do, and for your on-going participation in this project. It means a lot to me.

  3. Thank you, Tom, so much for the cheat sheet and the review!
    I studied and grew up with the cheat sheets. Contemplating on those 4 thoughts was emotionally loaded and yet freeing experience for me. It all brings me back to the present moment. I feel connected to everybody and everything in a fundamental way as we are under the same laws of existence.

    1. I am glad to hear that this is working for you! That gave me an idea — I should make one new page on this website just for this Seven Pint Mind Training and list each slogan aling with suggested contemplations for it — just one clean “cheat sheet” for the Seven Point text…will try to set this up…thanks and take care..always nice to hear from you!

  4. “3. Transform adversity into the path of awakening”
    This is the key in that it tells me I ALWAYS have a choice. Difficulty will come; suffering will come; samsara will come. It’s all part of life and our human condition. What frees me is my choice to remain serene, to the best of my ability, and to treat EVERYTHING as an opportunity for growth. I can choose my attitude. For me, the “one true and authentic response to the realities of life is to give ourselves wholeheartedly to some sort of spiritual practice.” Choice of my attitude in response to life’s challenges is a major part of my practice.

    1. Yeah, I’ll second that … and ‘ve found it to be a lifetime’s practice. Sometimes it two steps forward, three steps backward…but I just keep trying to see my conditioned reactive patterns…my condtioned “dream life” and try to wake up a little more each day. Thanks for participating Carla.

  5. Action is proof of earnestness. The seeker is she who is in search of herself. To know who you are, you must first investigate and know what you are not. Give up all questions except one: Who am I? Only the I Am is certain. The I Am This is not. At the end of the search, you realize you are Limitless Being. (Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj)

    Thank you for your invitation to join this blog. Namaste.

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